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Admittedly I spent far too much time downloading custom content to ensure that I had the perfect clothes, objects, decor, etc. before I could even consider starting a new household. I might have a slight problem with custom content that may have to lead me to consider, on occasion, starting a Sims Custom Content Anonymous group, but I digress. Despite all of these challenges, I managed to finally complete the Sim who will start the beginnings of a story, an outlet, that I’ve needed for far too long.

I do want to caution readers, that some of the content I post will NOT be PG or PG-13. In fact, it will most likely be NC 17. If this is the case, I will ensure that the posts are labeled and tagged appropriately. I will have several different stories AND challenges going on simultaneously, all of which will have content that could possibly be rated NC-17+, however, the content is likely just subtext and won’t contribute to the larger storylines. Likely.

There are a few aspects that readers need to be aware of as I have customized my settings in a specific way to ensure story longevity…

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