Sims University: Xavier Hall

I decided to re-release the dormitory I created a few years ago when University Life released. I was not happy with how dorms where presented in the game, I thought they were much too small and didn’t really fit what University life is really like.

This build has 16 dorm rooms, 4 shared kitchens and bathrooms, 3 computer labs, 1 common area, a gym, and a laundry room.

I tried to keep this relatively CC content free however there are a few pieces you will need which I have linked below. I have all the EPs and unfortunately, I didn’t make a note as to what I used BUT I did try to stick to mostly University Life content.

If you find that the websites for custom content no longer exist, please just comment below to let me know and I will do my best to locate the custom content and upload it for use…

Custom Content:
Madaya’ Casment Windows: here | here

Angela’s Liams Corner 2 Tile Window Closed: here

Awesim Sims Modern Kitchen Pieces (island, fridge surround, cabinet):

Kately’s Rustic Kitchen Shelf 03: here

Simcredible’s Vacarri Loveseat: here

Angela’s Nikki’s Loft Coffee Table: here

DOT Recess Lighting: here

Sim Design Avenue’s Moderna Bathroom Deco Towels: here

Armiel Cast Yourself A Chimney: here

kriss’s Scania Glass Door B Double: here

Kitabalibar’s Yoga Rug: here

Terms of Use:

Feel free to replace or redesign objects as necessary for personal use, but please do not upload this lot anywhere else, original or modified.

Please do not claim this lot as your own.


I’ve only provided package files so you can pick and choose the custom content you want to install. Please remember if you choose NOT to install the custom content used, the game will automatically replace it with something else or the object will appear to be “missing”.

For the dormitory to show up you will need to put all of the custom content into your packages folder and move the simology_xaiver_hall_dormitory package into your Library folder, found under your The Sims 3 folder.


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If you run into any issues,