Shall We Begin?

Admittedly I spent far too much time downloading custom content to ensure that I had the perfect clothes, objects, decor, etc. before I could even consider starting a new household. I might have a slight problem with custom content that may have to lead me to consider, on occasion, starting a Sims Custom Content Anonymous group, but I digress. Despite all of these challenges, I managed to finally complete the Sim who will start the beginnings of a story, an outlet, that I’ve needed for far too long.

I do want to caution readers, that some of the content I post will NOT be PG or PG-13. In fact, it will most likely be NC 17. If this is the case, I will ensure that the posts are labeled and tagged appropriately. I will have several different stories AND challenges going on simultaneously, all of which will have content that could possibly be rated NC-17+, however, the content is likely just subtext and won’t contribute to the larger storylines. Likely.

There are a few aspects that readers need to be aware of as I have customized my settings in a specific way to ensure story longevity…



Eventually I will also start to post my gameplay on YouTube! Feel free to subscribe to my channel so that you can receive updates for when new videos are uploaded. I do want to give you fair warning, however, that my very first household will be purely story based, what that means is that I will not be uploading any video content for it. The rest of my stories and challenges will be video uploads and may also be story based, it will simply depend on how each story develops and what avenue I think tells the story best.


If there is ever any custom content or modifications that you’re interested in, please feel free to ask! I do try my hardest to keep track of the custom content and mods I use, so it’s likely possible I can provide you with a link/location if you simply ask.